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BE INFORMED!Xclusive Prison Entry Consultation will help you navigate your way in and out of the correctional environment.Going to prison can be an extremely traumatizing experience. Being forced to leave your family and friends for a place that subscribes to its own culture and rules can be a daunting experience to say the least. 


My Story


Growing up in inner city Los Angeles at a young age I made the bad decision of running with the wrong crowd. Those bad decisions lead to me being sentenced to nearly 30 years in federal prison for a drug conspiracy. The first 10 years served was extremely tough as I struggled with the reality of an overwhelmingly long sentence. I incurred numerous infractions which led to me doing 3 years in the special housing unit. My epiphany came during a class titled "challenge to change". A few months after that class I was sent from Victorville Medium to Terminal Island Low. I began completing 15 to 20 adult continuing education classes every 3 months, while taking every college course available. During my 2 decades of incarceration I filed numerous pro se motions where I litigated 3 of those motions in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals "literally" from my prison cell. In 2 decades I strategically worked my way down from the highest custody institutions to a minimum security camp. During 19 plus years of incarceration I was housed at 20 institutions from California to Georgia. I earned a masters degree in college but a PHD in prison experience.


Institutions Housed

7062 Day Journey


  • Monterey Park County Jail

  • San Bernardino County Jail

  • MDC Los Angeles

  • San Bernardino County Jail

  • Victorville USP

  • Dublin FCI

  • Herlong FCI

  • Victorville USP

  • Oklahoma FTC

  • Atlanta USP

  • Talladega FCI

  • Atlanta USP

  • Oklahoma FTC

  • USP Florence

  • Victorville FCI Medium I

  • Terminal Island FCI

  • Victorville FCI Medium II

  • Terminal Island FCI

  • Victorville USP

  • Atwater Camp


Xclusive Services

Providing customized services tailored to each individual's specific needs.

Pretrial Services
Xclusive will prepare you as you navigate your way through the preliminary process. Arrest/plea/trial.

PSR Advice
Xclusive will give you truthful advice as to how the PSR process works.

Xclusive will meticulously break down all factors that will help promote a lighter sentence.

First Step Act Advice

Sentencing  Advocacy
Xclusive will make sure the court is completely informed of all your good qualities. We will push for the most lenient outcome available. 

Prison Consulting
Xclusive will properly prepare all clients to succeed within the correctional environment - what to say, how to move, how to survive.

RDAP Advice
Receive up to a year off sentence.

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